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Jack Alun was born in Cardiff, and now lives and works in South West France as a writer, translator and photographer. His poems have been published in magazines and anthologies in the U.K . and the U.S. He has written two travel books, with a third on its way. Under the name of John Couth, he regularly writes poetry reviews for Shearsman online magazine.




patterns dissolve
beneath the swell
of surface sky
houses fields

rain thick shoals
in slow and silver
tiny drift
myopic cancellings
of grade and edges

nebula under water-
coursing light
the refract and distort
colour drain
ebb of land

of the grey chill shift
the distil of air
decay?s acquiescence
the invisible exudation
of wreck




felted gloom

wraps shoulders

in its lamp light caul

radiators curtains fitted carpet

soft armchair the amniotic

of the foetally survived

protected legal free

and able to do anything

but walk away


on the streets

the wild prowl

crazy eyed crack

of the wind splinter

violator of trees

mugger of rooftops

joy rider of shadows

curb crawler vandal

thug delinquent drunk

animal lout in the bushes

psychotomimetic of

the night rages


but walk away

and able to do anything

protected legal free

the foetally survived

the amniotic soft of the armchair

fitted carpets curtains

radiators in the light

lamp caul wrap

shouldering gloom felted






am I there with her

either with love

or with death

either the first taste

or the first touch

bond between us

a soiled sheet

sacrament of intimacy

the intimate infinite

of opposites

or understanding in

the self she wore

the predisposed self

the self that never slept

with eyes wide open

and legs

only to be dreamed of

the cliche of images

flower in the garden

fruit in the orchard

champagne on the tongue

perfume of an empty room


lace on lingerie

skin against skin

the smoothness of eternity

of dark crescendo

executed and executioner

tumbling through the earth


where she remained

in forgetfulness

as only part song can

now and then reprising






copyright Jack Alun