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Anny Ballardini


Anny Ballardini's poetry appears on many online sites and was collected in Opening and Closing Numbers, published by Moria Editions (2005). She is the curator/editor of the Poets' Corner on the site. Among her many translations from and into English and Italian is In RI by Henry Gould, (2006). Her blog can be found under Narcissus Works.





What we are missing


Within a rhizomatic structure

having accepted the orchid of immanence

in its sole _one life_ present

knots and knots abound & intensify

reflected on the carefully drawn & cut facets

of the transparent topaz


from apocalypse to resurgence

from maelstroeming downward movements

to enlightened atemporal breaks

an outside timetable diligently recorded

_on scraps of paper/ pocketbooks/ agendas/

collected in tel. #/ email addresses_

grants an order or madness

stress or a safe ground on which to gather

the body without organs


a tired Santa Claus

with a burdensome bag on his shoulders

or a clumsy diver with oxygen bottles

an astronaut stumbling on the barren surface of the moon

as a Michelin man stuck on the roof of a building

we think we are thinking

we think we are overlooking towns


bodies and bodies

ants in the traffic

blindly rushing

without perception.



Sirens for 3 florins


Feverishly over-flying

the reef


three florins

Sir, no,

no iron riffs_

nave sirens of silver fiefs

in their tragic ball

against two servants

who veering

& jeering

down rivers

rive honors



_fire of evil behind veils_


an offering

of five bleeding wolves

to hone the villains

to shivering elfins

hidden in distant fens

& a few fennel-flowers

to foil Gothic arches

olives to liven

vanilla scent

& rover

in the volition shrine _in the hovel

for the sole refrain

of this novel vole

in a vain feral sorrow.



From ferns to fading shires


Ferns and shells, horses and shoes

jelling on the idyll

the irony of it

dried herbs and rhinos

under the brine

reborn a berry


from the rib of a Jinn

without sin

a shiny orb


hiding behind the shield

of the hero


from the shore

up towards the hills

herons enjoyed

infrared deer

an elf

read through firs

dared rolls in rills

with lilies in the rain








copyright Anny Ballardini