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Tracee Coleman

I am a hopelessly addicted poetry lover who has spent the bulk of my free time over the past ten years editing the A Little Poetry website.  


O Stay and Hear

this day tripping further
on the second hand,

little bed spinning
balanced on the bar

you know the hour
by the way the walls melt

so cordially into oceans
pouring down your throat

seizing the seizing
tongues twirling each tick

Love, dost thou not know
thy heart in thee?

on its back taking you
for everything you're worth

her finest stockings
in glances run only for you

dear alleys littered with silk
nights all snagged in the act

seizing the seizing 
so cordially drinking the sea

hanging on your arm again,
twelve bars of bad news 

staggering through another
midnight on Easy Street

dizzy in the brassy wail
of your eyes, love,

those Shakespeare blues

Gravity Varies

Smiling up at the tickle
of winter's glitter

strings unsnapping
limbs pulled limp beneath

the weight of being
bound to nothing

an awkward withdrawal

farewells dripping
into drinks for roots

and twigs rising, reaching
to follow green leaving

already under my hand
I feel you in the soil 

I’m not ready for

Pin-hook stream 

runs through hills of grass,
cedar, sage and deer

not hearing the hunter
but taking an arrow 

gazing at food

skin stretched and scraped 
tanning a heavy blanket

for his shoulders in winter
measured carefully

and cut in spring

to dress and give her shoes
for kicking up dust 

with tiny bare feet
meandering the bank

full fields bloom red

with his wish and silence
answers in sweet bursts 

skirt full of strawberries
falling some lay bruised

as laces tie again

Fate, you crazy Ninja

throwing your stars at will
always coming in way too late
with your tongue all wasted
and blasting hydraulic 

I love you too
but you’re drunk

and not getting your way
with me again Mr. all eyes
spinning yesterday’s promise
into today’s slivered tinsel

I love you too
but you’re just drunk

and can’t kiss your way out
of it this time and time again
stringing bulbs and bursting
streams and minnows pooling

You’re still not invisible




copyright © Tracee Coleman