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Carmen Eichman

Carmen Eichman is Assistant Professor of English at Danville Community College  Danville, VA Her poems have appeared in Spring Board Journal, Subtle Tea, Borderline, A Little Poetry, All Things Girl, and Dan River Review. Her short Story: 'The Door To The Cage', featured in Dan River Review in Spring 2006. She has also written a novel, When The Ugly Comes. 




Solid Ground Still Far Away

Woolf floated; rock heavy pockets;
heard her through the dusk waters
as echoes slipped into soft silt.

Tried so hard to pass through
that Walden pond as
they said to pray and to pray harder
when feelings would not come for him;
ice locked tight below
lantern of opaque light,

search party.

Water turned eyes 
whitish blue that waited 
and blinked in the long quiet
disappearing light.
And then an ax slammed through, 
exploding ice
lifting a limp form,
though solid ground was still yet far away.




copyright Carmen Eichman