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Vernon Frazer has published eight books of poetry and three books of fiction. His work has appeared in Aught, Big Bridge, First Intensity, Jack Magazine, Lost and Found Times, Moria, Miami SunPost, Muse Apprentice Guild, Sidereality, Xstream and many other literary magazines. His most recent works are the long poems Avenue Noir and IMPROVISATIONS, the now-completed work which he introduced in his 2001 reading at the Poetry Project. He is married and lives most of the year in South Florida. 


Michelle Greenblatt is a student at Florida Atlantic University and is the new co-poetry editor of "mprsnd".  Her first book brain:storm, will go to press at the beginning of December (Anabasis Press).  She has been published or will be published in these magazines this year: AUGHT, Zafusy, BlazeVOX, X-stream, Word for/ Word, Admit Two, Haggard & Halloo, elimae, The Anemone Sidecar, LitVision, Generator Press, Unlikely Stories, Big Bridge, and Frank's Home.  Her third chapbook (X-press(ed)) will appear in December as well. Michelle will be spotlighted in the February/March 2006 issue of 63 Channels.





Winging Through the Deadly Night



Hostage perimeter central vexation


gutters the pits of ancient remorse


where shredders






Temporal shadows hijack

                              hazel light





         simmering inundation fetters


         snatching homilies from plural



vestiges                        FLAUNTING             bivalve cuspidors


which swell like city blocks in summer heat


                                            & energy density dehorts simile, blackbirds


  as             winging through the deadly night,


  they           long for metaphorical exhortation


  run            from grinning extortion batteries


  idly           storing a horticultural surcharge--


                                          Water breaks over the



                                          where, whetting the flavor of


my own body

                                                        mercilessly, yearns an italic for a taste of your mercy,


                   its metallic sweat an ionized comfort begging

                   through pangs of reciprocity, wet



tongue on dry knife                     sliding


between the creamy                      passion


blades of her uninterrupted legs--slathering


slime of ancient bitumen pits across voluptuous pituitary submissions,

                            gathering grandly, yet urgently


as you ride                              astride my anthracite cries



in penitence


                                             and joy and sometimes wake hard

                                     between my thighs


 past my thermonuclear




(the choir

for a formless blue self,

                                     the remains of the passion

     to salvage


                                           mercurial vapors




                                     toward renascent nomenclature,


a slow tide, and


the breaking brackets of

                                                                   a terrible sweetness


--since every minute falls faster as enumerated shadows move into a lit corner of


                      gossamer ambiguities, its gravity

                      reveals overtures,


a low aside

                                                           aches and crackles above unbearable needs,




                      cackle in the dark chases a racing clock



past time

's deathly dimensions


                                                              the flavor

                                                              of sickly syrup


indents another inward sun


towards a flood of lightning bolts              clawing at

                                                 their replete measure



beneath the hitch of a sub gum harness, a treasure deleted among dolts frightening for their dim

forbearance, a pawing disruption no word can savor,

               except for the juice


                               leaking its disruption


                                                       as their pleasure's




blood, black and brilliant, cindery to


the touch, a diminutive saffron, a deliberate cerise,


the familiar spirit of the place rests upon stooped shoulders

and    rankled reproduction of

                              fantasian replicas, cranky


                              wet tinder lacking


     its                      ruddy batons to feed them  


                              intuitive graces,




   charged                              their detestable bandits







copyright Vernon Frazer & Michelle Greenblatt