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Vernon Frazer has published eight books of poetry and three books of fiction. His work has appeared in Aught, Big Bridge, First Intensity, Jack Magazine, Lost and Found Times, Moria, Miami SunPost, Muse Apprentice Guild, Sidereality, Xstream and many other literary magazines. His most recent works are the long poems Avenue Noir and IMPROVISATIONS, the now-completed work which he introduced in his 2001 reading at the Poetry Project. He is married and lives most of the year in South Florida. 




A penchant toward early overtures

dawns before the sunsetís music

can linger.



                        On the shadowed evening,

            tapestries flutter in memoryís fenestral distance.

            A world beyond the windows



wings its scented music,

a breath rippling above the water



            azure as dayís reflection

            in night and the taste of nectar  



                        in the motif

                        pulsing over the ostinato



promising dusky whispers

among the ripples of their urgent tide.

The breeze laps gently



                        over their backs,

            a body musicís lapidary touch,

            as the crescendo they share



                        rings the high to their rising tide


Discordant baffling muffler strops
canít change the foiled curdle 
nor restore its fated plenitude module
to deep heat simulacrum panties
reeking parity where purity is chased. 
No equal among their segued tangents
ample to crossing, cattle marked stoppage.
Fleet enemies disemboweled there.
Scrumptious rapture parsoned out
in bazaar sequence, a catacomb rector
defected implants detected as juice
foregone. Dissection pastries, tasted,
bid her fruit to loop a lasso in courting
somnolence replays. Displeasure groping
forces tactile essence to emerge,
a latent holograph slowly textured
wherever the urgent appellation looms.
The course denotes tabular indentations
remixed as molecule patents on leathered
amnesty. Bored amnestic pardons patterned
forward, luxuriant in their bated swell,
a fabric woebegone as days ago 
lake a welling tide taken hostile
to traveling youth banners. Shorting
the distance between welling waters
bottoming out in rowboats aplenty.
The secretive robotic passion understated
where discord measures ambiguity,
begrudging the pace of its rampant fixtures



Appaloosa hostage reversal,
tangent on its unguent spread,
emotes the sensor date. Relay,
a willing parsimony, plangents
the bloated corsair trolley. Tendons 
meteorite fecundity, an aptness
misconstrued for leaking, preakness, 
or hide stakes. Where laundering,
gambols make weakness gloat
against the thread. Of its hanging
crucible, waste makes chastened
belt fasteners. Tasting welter glue,
the faucet running marathon facets
inkling, a new register dutifully fit
as middling. Ratchet dancers gyrate
their plentiful syllabi among the gathering 
moss. Gardens wilt degrading specimens
to nascent truisms. Lather burdens.
Inanimate their subjunctive pauses,
plentiful as heartfelt trickery. Medallions
hurtle lateral escarpment teasers.
Fingering the crush accrued easement
on the patio of torrid dissuasion:
lingering proof bleats their horrid dismay


Fendered incidentals tend 
their reluctant futures, the succulent 
of its root membrane. 

Tissued gondoliers 
void at half-mast. 

Tailor parcels beckon 
whenever annoyed.

Spillage reckons the blast 
at its past effect. Scrotal agonies 
cry incongruent pilasters:

the shoddy hominid repulse 

or scooter the braced ways 

of its becoming

past as participles 
future the tense, 

denied their medication.






copyright © Vernon Frazer