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I live in South Jersey and have had work appear in (or is scheduled to appear in) The Iowa Review, The Cortland Review, Sentence, Illuminations, Cider Press Review, CutBank, Unpleasant Event Schedule, Cranky, and others.




& to scratch

it's only normal. sciatic. under-utilized. depreciated. one day i found the meaning of "art deco". couldn't spell out the full. breadth. of it. the net has its. whose own voices. rise [my space] to the odometer. occidental. as he was. correctly. vainly. "presented". the banners. & this-that. day-talk. see, i am trying to come through. but not in the. traditional. sense of O'Hara. maybe Howe-Wright. an Armantrout. Djanikian. funny. how we define each segment of. bovine. Jung. egostroke. stonewall. cruise/surf. control. freak-ish. as. the. anomalous. greeting


window's inner height. sanctum. scripts we follow. to the tune of $. last evening i came stumbling in. asking for. you, zeros crisscrossing Altuna, PA. meteorite. heart. ore. growing cooler. by T-minus. how do you. do? name. space. i thrive from. going, going


sliver of steel & bromide


complex of tables. the ho-ho-ho. distillate. drawdown. thiamine. -ide. you come in. simply. arch, cower, freefall. across "the"<-----presenting "city". diagr-a-m (fog). grossly mis-under-dealt. dessicated. denuded



at top (speeds)

separating out from. words. a confident. co-alignment. methodwise. speaking. we are capable. of processing. groomed. logical. raves. clinging. sensorium. multi-tasked. @ mind. splitting. evol-u. you/I. selfcentral. we are doing this to. ourselves. a fan. tas. tic. breathing




people will do it any way. will it matter. as pairs. progeny. how can we fix this. workaround. it shouldn't matter. the order. all my dreams end. in some kind. of. vi. o. lence




cuffs folded back, in anticipation. i gave you enough water. to spend 3 days crossing the desert. but you died on the 2nd, and relief. that the brush caught against copperhead. you rubbed garlic on your shoes. to ward off. the sun, its gyrating head. you know. the sun. it can't be avoided. sprawled in place. carried up & down. placed in. refrigerator trucks. because. there isn't. enough room. take a sip. the border. approaches. shimmers. viscous. as your ectopic. closure







copyright Scott Glassman