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Ami Kaye publishes and edits Pirene’s Fountain. Her poems have appeared in various journals, and she has two poetry collections forthcoming next year. She holds a master’s degree and has studied counselling and English literature and criticism. 







How soon they are


the unwritten tomes-

tapestries of lives.

Strange how

their edges fly past.

A flourish graced

by urgent dreaming,

papers scattered

in the wind, some

drifting down gently

and some getting stuck

in a dark and

unreachable place.





Life dances in swift, moving patterns,

circular, endless, so grand a design

but elegant in its economy.


A song begins which lives

in the wrinkle of an old man,

or the shy curve of a petal.


Each day resurrected, renewed afresh,

stands at the edge of the skies

where time turns midnight to blue,

and the wind weeps tears so great,

flowers drink in avid thirst.


Eternity evaporates in a wink

as spendthrifts of time and space

lose precious moments without remorse

with ghostly skitters in the dark.


And as a star falls, night whispers…

Perhaps if you are very quiet,

you might hear the minutes speak.

At the least, when heartbeats slow,

you can hear coming from within,

a secret voice which  stops time…


just for an instant,


like the magic of morning’s first blush

when, naked, she meets the sun’s hot gaze.


Lucid, wild, voluptuous,

what a pity

dreams don’t re-wind.





(Petrarchan sonnet, with triplets featuring Alexandrine closure)


A lyric beauty, too sublime to trace 
the source of music; mystery profound, 
consumed by fiery passion in the sound, 
like drugging kisses, wild emotions race.


When delicate impressions slow the pace, 
a haunting, yearning charm is sweetly bound- 
notes tumble in abandon all around 
and interlace in harmony with grace.


Pure rhythm pumping with erotic need 
to love, to feel; create a masterpiece 
of sparkling tone on tone, melodious rapture,


then circumvents the mind with rising speed 
and arrows to the heart in swift release; 
deep, majestic grandeur moves the soul to capture. 







copyright © Ami Kaye