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Donna Kuhn is a poet, author, artist and dancer living in Northern California. She incorporates these various art forms into multi-media experimental videos.


fish with both eyes on the upper side
the flounder burned unsteadily
to burst out as a flatfoot

the condition of suddenly as in anger
a bell flattened lip, iron the sense
of an outburst, a gaudy display of happening

an interruption in the flaunt telling
by telling to strut, defiantly flashbulb
a bulb giving a brief flautist

flashbulbs in four sides blow, indoor flaw
broad off the skin, a flat flea, a small denial
less jumping insect, not interesting

sucking parasite as an adult
emptied of air, a flat tire without
a flea market, music below true

exactly, music below; music a note
one half fit to fly, a young bird just
able to step below another

the symbol flies, a young inexperienced
person for this, a truck covering a sheep
rivers are fleecy; fleece, soft and light 


part of a persons jazz is not real
to be frank, a flat piece of bologna
on a train sausage, piece u and down
recording botulism, deep boullion

generosity booth, a woman just broadsides
a ship, green bridesmaid, cruel bug insect bubble
dig up the land used for pancakes
the cottage burst on a painful bus

dry calamity, offspring of occupation
concerned with others calm computers
are in the canal, chewy canoe
a small study of the heart

blue-colored feathers, the physical blues
something blunt that is a style of boa printing
smoked lumber to get a boast bomb
the lowest bookkeeping poisoning boom

broadminded fair bride, a silk fabric just married
broccoli, stiff and the eye coarse, small baby bubblegum
a flower not used for moving earth, the act of hairy bee
pushy burn, a small bung exploded in a clumsy manner

measures four pecks halfway up the leg, call out
absence of fairs and motion, self-service candle



to form a mother-in-law with stems and leaves
out of her devotion, spotting her own people
parasitic fungi bible woman who left to dial a turnip

steel rutabaga mammals of certain rust
to roar the baltic sea federated
to make ruts in the east wheels

lack of ussr practice, neglect north asia by disuse
eastern europe is impaired, a winter apple is together
rustle up or get brown

naomi to deteriorate thru ruthless rustic without pity
or country, rural passion ruthlessly simple
the 19th letter of rest

most noun lips, sabre sabre
hung of verbs, u.s developer
of nouns

not ending in southern taken orally
southern wooden shoe and age
from saint school

enemy in a river, he's sable here
has she? she's won, whats it matter?
u.s, let's go

set aside a native cactus fruit
she's won a steel rutabaga
naked weak nagasaki

goes to a motion picture the principal made
a full voice to fish for indecisive nagasaki
lowest toes, periwinkle bone

to seal time in shoe checkers
motionless wheel of misfortune
and musical eyes

musical scallions at the health food store
longing for love, lizard; your father is furious
dont worry, im just a sock in your tumbling hands

nagasaki clock music to go, doctrine of shoe
ambrose, not much to seal time the sealskin multi-plex
the stick earth is an opening of hay

to seal time in shoe checkers in a barn in the head
montanas mistress mouth is a red plundering shoe
not much to seal time with verbal mull tacks


their language is the upper branch 
of several branches of hunting dog
the legislature of hounds to urge on

broken for household use
a womans minutes
fixed for work

hour after hours an instrument 
to stay black-eyed woman

flutter in the air

for what reason, how about often
what is your thought concerning?

riding on the back of people 
who live in a house
elephant or camel hold

keep house, to utter on the house
the long wailing cry of a wolf dog
one who howls to commit theft

the head of horsepower
small sweet cookie made with
the north atlantic

south america is usually plaid

nerve gas veil, nerve gas lace
long large authority, a spice
with sing

nutmeg diet, chop into bits machinery
sugar cane, she's mad about him

underbrush wildly gay
the ratio of an insane asylum

speed to the speed of sound
a distributing margaret
formerly of a complete sentence

a girl trend, keep up, carry on

maidenhood assert, supplying what
needed fronds and slender stalks
woman servent, same as corn





copyright Donna Kuhn