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Bobby Larsson

I was born in Sweden in 1980. I now live in Durham. I have a BA in pedagogy from Stockholm and a diploma in Creative Writing from Skurup, Sweden. I´m currently working on a children´s novel, among other things. Recent/forthcoming publications: Angelic Dynamo, D.A.S., Eleutheria, Glasgow Review, Osprey Journal, Poetry Monthly, Sugar Mule, and Zendo.

Wiring diagram

Dirtwhite flower on your lip. Giving birth to 
bloodroom, clock. The next song is broken, 
spermyellow ballons rising in the hollow sky, 
sunless life taking the undefended. The 
backdoor of youth, cracks of dirtangels 
crying, lightless gift of evermore. The secret 
smile, queen of all. Donkeylegs, syruphands. 
Winterhead, wavelength. As in a dream she 
saw herself above the man. Without, within


Imaginary twilight, grasping. The red and 
white synopsis. Life left, look. Golden. Urgent 
cry. Mountains walking in front of cars. Weeks 
of touching. Her head, winter. Make water still 
flowing legs, a sigh. Lilies under pillow. 
Colours in your eyes. Eyes out in the distance. 
Spinning lullaby. Craving for a kiss

Together again

Side by side. Thief by thief. A bottle of 
whiskey. Pretending to be the shiny day 
together with. Trustless. Millions of kisses. It 
starts now. Heal. Escape. Win. Leaves from 
tomorrow. Exhaust pipe. Blowing out 
colours, yellow, red, blue, grey. A hit inside. 
A dot of insight. Scenting animals. The smell 
of secretion. Smeared. Blue and red, over the 
heart. Licking sticks, white, just white. 
Orange peel. Mouth on the outside. Lips 
blooming. Roots




copyright © Bobby Larsson