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Ira Lightman


Ira Lightman has published several pamphlets (see biblio at British Electronic Poetry Centre), and a full-length e-book with /ubu Editions.  He has spent the last year developing Public Art projects in the North-East of England where he lives. He is married, with so far one child.






What hint of

modern public housing

inertly gathers

around the


louts' yelling? Seats

avidly line

the slopes.


We hurry and they hurry. I need to. Our faces mark our

diameters, emanating radii, now push underlined blinking links,

indicate cyberspace highways of underuse. Sit in neutral ground.

It'll newly, eradicating reality television, like you, get audience

to hate, emanating radii. Shower audience ratings over us, now

do the hatred emanation, emanating my popularity to you, labels

on us that shower you, emanating labels link in neutral ground.

Sit everywhere, anywhere. The showers always veer into

diversely liking you, linking in nearly everywhere that's hailed

"else", showering like on people estimating selves.





It's bad luck,

o, to choke

on stage, that


lops. Yet rescuer,

a prompt stuck

below, yes under


sticks, is nudged, has


every night.


It took sodding blooming ages, darling, learning. Uncommonly cool, kit

off. Three offstage cuddles had obviated kittens, elongated orchestral

nerve scattering that aesthetic gentlefolk expect to hastle at them. Loads

of percussionists yell each time rumbles excitedly signal crowds

undulating, expecting restlessness. All performers report match panic, the

suspended trepidation under cover. Kids, by exhortation, learn our

wincing yelping expressions, show up not disposed, eventually ratify. See

this in cushy kids' schools, its spoken use. Do good each day. Help a

student suspend a verity, exhausted doodle: "education versus educational

rights". You're nice, I'm getting help today.





Bird oft calmly

killed goes

anthropomorphic, then,

at breath of

command: "kill."


Briefing in re: disturbance of Friday tenth created at last month's

"love year, kittens in love love every day" grand opening event, Swindon. All new

transactobots have restrainers on. Please, ordinary

members of rightwing press hollowly inviting comment are to be referred ever, always to

head office. Few claw or mouth mark abrasions now developing.





And feeble

after my incursion

liberates young paternity

is them or me




Afore nuptials designed futures educate, envy. Born life'll enter

a family that extravagantly relate, mother's yore influences newly created under ratios

set in osmotically. Nephews likewise inspire brothers ever remembering a time each

squabbled. Your offspring upload network, gene pools at the entry rather net its tasty

yokes into something that he'll engage marrying. Old rivalries may enact extravagance

neutrally, dramatically. Expeditions as viewed on underpass reason.





Every little erosion

cuddles the isles

of nestling girdle.

Rustle, erosions.

Each nestles some

antecedent. Files that

erode relate

some eroding

cuddle or nestle.

Does calling of mother

in nestles girdle?


Everyone's versed, everyone reverses. Youth lingered in tempestuousness. That lost

everyone, everyone reversing over something. I object now, convert up divertingly, doh!

Like everyone's, the hasty eject is slow. Like everyone says, objects from nowhere eject

subject to lingering inversely. Now. Gimmicky green is reverting daily. Lost erection

rejected under somebody. That's like everyone everywhere, rejected over someone. I

object no subject everywhere. Abject convert has nowhere. Everybody seeking that, like

everyone says, shows ordinary meteorology. Everywhere advertising now that everyone

can ejected daily everywhere now that front is like everywhere. Seek the heart abject

then everyone's reversing, objecting, doh! Everyone rebels, Eternal Lord, abjectly. The

elements subvert ordinary methodology. Everywhere elements reverse our daily

injection. New greens conjecture us diverted, dejected. Like everyone objected.

Reversal now everyone subjects themselves, like everywhere dejecting ordinarily

enough, somewhere converted abjected lingering, lost in nowhere. Good of formed

meteorology, of the heart, everywhere reverted its new nowhere everyone's showing.

This, like everyone says, greenly is rejected daily, Lord eternal.








 copyright Ira Lightman