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My passion for the written word and poetry was cultivated at Aquinas College. As a contributing editor to the campus publication, I began to develop conceptual poetry rooted in the ambiguous nature of my philosophical evolution combined with a fascination with etymology. The ability of words to conjure and cajole never ceases to motivate me to create. I also maintain and moderate forums (here and here) dedicated to poetry, music and metaphysics. 







Do not fear the pillory 
the expectations 
the condemnation 
on this abstemious sojourn 
a placation 
this charade of abjuration 
an abeyance of faith 
an abrogation - 
until the day we purge the dross 
the vituperation - 
endure ... 

Fortress of Light 

Our inviolate place 
of immutable grace 
a compendium 
a construct 
of obsidian desire 
of lapis lazuli - 
a dark sky - 
flecked with gold 
as precious and pure 
as permanent as the light 
that same glowing light 
radiant and beaming 
like a shining city 

The Return of the Hero 

I acquiesce to the intractable frailty of flesh 
but hear this codicil of faith 

I await ... 

the adornment of plumage 
the bursting free of fetters - 
that enjoins the fight, 
that contumacious flight, 
that insures a denouement 
worthy of our sacrifice 







copyright John Majors