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Max Russell


Max Russell is a songwriter and musician living in the Shoals area of north Alabama, USA. He has been active as a writer and musician for more than 30 years as a band leader and solo artist. His music is sourced in blues, rock, R & B, and soul. His albums include Alabama Moon, a collection of his songs performed on a 1930s era National Steel guitar, and The Boys Got Rhythm, a rock and blues collaboration with his son Kirk.




Q: Do you think of your lyrics as poetry?


A: Yes.  


Q: Do you think it is important that songs rhyme and if so why?  


A:  No not at all. No rhyme or reason!!!  


Q: Do you think song lyrics must conform to recognised song structures such as clear rhyming schemes, choruses, refrains, hooks and bridges or that songs can also be like free verse?  


A: No. But still thereís nothing new under the sun. Even if you think you came up with it.... chances are it already been done.  


Q: When you read poetry in school or elsewhere did you recognize any connection to the music you enjoyed?  


A: Once in a while I would hear music to a poem.  


Q: Was there anything about poetry in books that influenced your songwriting?  


A: I donít think so. I donít really write pomes just ideas that rhyme sometimes.  


Q: Why do you think songs are more popular with people than poetry is?


A: It's easy to remember if thereís a melody or noise, music or a beat.








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