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Charles Morrison

Charles attended classes in English Literature at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. His favorite poets are Charles Bukowski, Jim Morrison, Hart Crane and William Blake. Charles looks for inspiration in the simplest things, investing them with a strange poetic energy. He tightens every perception to a focal point of clarity and extracts meaning from the most compact phrases. His love for music influences his compositions. Charles enjoys the rich tapestry of language, imagery and sound in poetry, particularly works by the French decadent poets. His poetry has appeared in the online journal Remark. 





I'm living in whispers 

behind gray walls, 
a decadent phantom 
hidden from earthly view. 
I'm free to live 

the way I want 
until I appear 
in the celestial theater 
that awaits us all 
where the documentary 
of my life will play. 
I hope you like the show, 
it cost me everything to make. 


Life is a descent, 
a slow decay 
into forever; 
losing sense 
and senses – 

eternal night begins 

as the sun fades 
into an ocean 

of blissful ignorance 
and we swim 


Let’s walk together 

on starry floors, 

above heaven, 

where nothing 

can bother us. 

Wanton darkness 

surrounds us – 


delicious night. 

Reality’s light 

so far away, 

it has no power 

over us; 

let’s celebrate.






copyright © Charles Morrison