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Philip Nikolayev lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with his wife, the poet Katia Kapovich, and their daughter Sophia. His collection of poems, Monkey Time, won the 2001 Verse Prize and was published by Verse Press in 2003. He co-edits Fulcrum: An Annual of Poetry and Aesthetics. His poems have also appeared in such journals as The Paris Review, Grand Street, Harvard Review, The Boston Globe, Verse, Stand, overland, Jacket, and many others across the English-speaking world.



I subvert by suggesting alternative forms of
to rely on outmoded conventions is highly problem
I subvert traditional notions of meaning
old structural approach challenged by a younger gen
binary opposition pfut, zagging across the page
semantics of the visual sign can no longer be construed
simple tertiary relationship but rather
more complex more problematic seen outside a teleology
principle of the greatest reduction I now
am undermining a new body of readings
I mean ousside as a colloquial usage
but then again problem
but then again no problem
mindlobe how we undermine transparency
of language I "mean" how it get rid of this illusion
that we can see ideas of things through language
no matter how defamiliarize we its essentials
with usage of again technique
sense-trapping within compounds to the bunk
sense-chaining I believe the more appropriate word
just as maximally subverting metre
i.e. trying to right absolute prose absolute non-poetry
generates its own constraints own metre own poetry
evrbody shld try it sometime
or else as I was yesterday
subverting every syntactical
by suddenly telemomma existence as structured out
hangin three outflora gooters
to specious and then I mean the sophists
are clearly underrepresented in the academy
have to try to hand out then
man I wanna subvert
something traditional language
is driving me nads spuds exploding
in the earth and then I salubriously reached the port
the bloodmaster suggested I wait a few minutes
till he apply his principles
so I waited 15 minutes in the well lit sauna
concresping with joy and redolence then the blurf
guardelia hit the switch and the who bhagla roared
splink splonk upon the carpet and I had
pfdno ek bawamnnnbh pevieg ba makmzinbb
erated over and over again as a sort of closure
abort abort how you hear me
do you copy again subvert subvert
and still meaning shines through
subvert it and still it shines through
that's the magic



copyright Philp Nikolayev