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Evelyn Posamentier

Evelyn Posamentier lives and writes in California. Her poems have appeared online in The Diagram, Born Magazine, 3 a.m. Magazine, The SoMa Literary Review, The Quarterly Journal of Ideology, Nthposition and Drunken Boat. 



The following poems are part of brainiography, a series in progress. To date, pieces of brainiography have appeared online in Born Magazine (in collaboration with digital artists John and Edward Harrison), Can We Have Our Ball Back?, DIAGRAM, Free Verse, The No Tell Motel and are forthcoming in RealPoetik. 


someone with my name walks with disease
they say she's raided the photo albums

each cat has his own window
each dream has her own house

someone with my name speaks ill
of the girl in the photo. each window

looks back like a cat. brain unfolds
its luggage. thoughts unravel.

the girl in the photo acquires sunglasses
each dream is a brain unto itself



the girl in the photo wanders lonely
as often these kind of girls do.

skating on the sky, hanging on
a faithful star: count on this.

the girl in the photo finds the firing squad
soulful. it quiets the light of magnetic resonance

imaging. so much for truth in advertising.
biohazardous waste sleeps closer than you think.

the girl in the photo asks brain to step forward.
no warnings posted.






copyright Evelyn Posamentier