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Beck Siān


Beck Siān is related to English singer, Kate Bush, and is currently on tour in the U.K. and Europe. Her music is a blend of Celtic/World/Gothic/Fantasy Folk. Information, gig and touring details can be found at her web site here.






With rain comes
Extraordinary beauty
To the haunted forest
Its foliage drenched
Fronds glistening
Like be-jewelled
As they sway sensually
At the mercy of the
Delicate breeze
The spirit is me
I haunt this


Water Nymph

Submerged hip-height
In murky, sensual depths
Her hair swept the surface
Her pixie-esque features
in profile
Eyes gazing wistfully
Taut nipples


Tangled In Green

The statue in the garden
Overgrown with strangling ivy
Its pale stone eyes seem
To follow my every move
And I'm sure it dances around
In the night
When no-one is watching



The winds whistle through
You are ethereal
As a dream
You cannot hide
That long red hair
It is seen through
You cannot hide from yourself
You cry at twilight
As the fairies take flight
And the mermaids grow still
Beneath the dark sea
You try to escape the dark wood
And web of addiction
Yet never wanting to leave
Afraid to feel that
Sunlight on your face










copyright Š Beck Siān