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For People Who Have Difficulty Reading the Siteís Text



Over the years, Iíve had a few complaints from people who have found it difficult to read the grey text on black background that is used on this site. There have also been some complaints about the text size being too small. The problem is that itís impossible to change these things now, as there are too many pages (literally thousands) on the site, and no program I know of will change the template (for that is what is needed) for all the pages automatically. I would have to do that manually, which would take forever.

Also, the web-building program I use is now obsolete, and to migrate to a new one would involve reformatting the text for each page, as the original formatting would be lost with the migration, which would mean I'd lose any text italics and bold fonts used for each page, and so would have to manually put them back in, which would be impossible, given that to do so, I would need to have memorised beforehand where the text italics and bold fonts originally appeared on thousands of pages in order to replicate them.  


Given this, I would suggest that people who have difficulty reading the siteís text, simply increase their browserís text size settings or use their browserís zoom function. I use the Chrome browser, and have set its zoom setting to 125%, which makes it easy to read the siteís text on my laptop's 15-inch screen, despite the grey text on black background. People with larger screens will no doubt have to use a higher zoom percentage.

I should point out, that they will need to visit this site and set the zoom percentage while here. When they leave the site, the zoom percentage will be what it was before they visited the site. But each time they visit the site, the zoom percentage will be that at which they set for the site. With the Chrome browser, you can set each site you visit with a different zoom percentage. Presumably, the same will be true of other browsers.


Jeffrey Side