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Vanessa Murray

Vanessa Murray, a singer/songwriter from Liverpool and has been described as Ďa small girl with a big voiceí. Her sophisticated and emotive songs have helped her win nationwide competitions and awards, and have captured the attention of many including Sandie Shaw, who praised her musicality as ĎAstonishingí, Paul Carrack who described her as a 'Great New Artist', and Jo Dipple CEO of UK Music, who described her songwriting ability as 'Incredible'.

She has been a long standing plus on the Liverpool circuit and will be releasing her debut EP in late 2015. Here website can be found here.


Q: Do you think of your lyrics as poetry?

A: I donít see my lyrics as poetry but I do try to be poetic.

Q: Do you think it is important that songs rhyme and if so why?

A: I believe itís a personal preference. Itís definitely not necessary, but I think itís what most listeners are comfortable with. Personally (at the moment) I like using rhymes and half rhymes because I feel it can help make songs more memorable. Although in the past, trying to find a suitable rhythm has slowed my songwriting process down.

Q:  Do you think song lyrics must conform to recognised song structures such as clear rhyming schemes, choruses, refrains, hooks and bridges or that songs can also be like free verse?

A: There are no set rules in songwriting and I believe itís depends on the genre of music. I prefer to follow rhyming schemes, chorus, hooks and bridges but Iíd like to challenge myself to write a song in a free verse style.

Q: When you read poetry in school or elsewhere did you recognise any connection to the music you enjoyed?

A: I love songs that are honest and meaningful. I think poetry does mirror this.

Q: Was there anything about poetry in books that influenced your songwriting?

A: Poetry hasnít influenced my songwriting yet but thatís not to say it wonít in the future.

Q: Why do you think songs are more popular with people than poetry is?

A: I like to think of songs as ďpackagesĒ. When you combine melody with rhythm and music with lyrics, it creates something memorable. I believe the combination helps to emphasise the meaning of the song. Music also brings back memories and is powerful enough to bring people together.